Configuring Nutanix Protection Domain

In this post I will walk through how to configure VMs in a Nutanix Protection Domain.

For General Guidelines and Limitations please refer to the following LINK

Configuring Your VM(s) in a Protection Domain

In Part 2 I will walk through how to configure a Protection Domain on your Nutanix cluster. A Protection Domain is a construct that allows us to set policies for local and remote snapshots as well as which VMs to include in said policy

1. First go to Home–>Data Protection









2. Next click Table–>Async DR–> + Protection Domain




3. Give your Protection Domain a Name


4. Next Select VMs you want to add to the Protection Domain and click Protect Selected Entities (hint: you may need to scroll down depending on how your browser rendered the page)


5.  Verify the VMs are under the Protected Entities Menu



6. Next we need to create a schedule. Click New Schedule


7. First Configure Schedule for the Protection Domain (hint: as of the AOS 5.5 release we now have the ability to do “near-sync” which is an RPO of 1 minute!). Also pick the Retention Policy (if you had a remote site configured prior you would also have the option to send snapshots to the remote site as well as local). Click Create Schedule


8. Now verify the schedule was created with the appropriate settings and hit Close.


9. Last verify that you have snapshots. For this I only created local snapshots so we can see that very quickly a snapshot was created.



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