Month: December 2017

Restoring Windows Files using Nutanix Self Service Restore

In this post I will go through a step by step deployment of configuring and testing Nutanix’s native Self Service Restore utility included in the Professional and Ultimate licenses tiers of the Acropolis software. The topic of discussion will be Windows file-level recovery. General Requirements and Limitations of Self-Service Restore Set disk.enableUUID=true in the .vmx …

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Configuring Nutanix Protection Domain

In this post I will walk through how to configure VMs in a Nutanix Protection Domain. For General Guidelines and Limitations please refer to the following LINK Configuring Your VM(s) in a Protection Domain In Part 2 I will walk through how to configure a Protection Domain on your Nutanix cluster. A Protection Domain is …

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Installing Nutanix Guest Tools on Windows (NGT)

In this post I will walk through installing Nutanix Guest Tools on a Windows VM. General Requirements and Limitations Virtual IP address must be configured on the Nutanix cluster. If the virtual IP address of the cluster changes, it will impact all the NGT instances that are running in your cluster. For more information, see …

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