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MyPureSupport began in 2012 as a knowledge base and forum for a smaller topic of IBM Puresystems which at the time was one of the leading blade technologies in the marketplace and the industries first attempt at a true “converged” architecture. The forum still exists HERE¬†and is still used by many today. As time moved along the industry has begun to recognize the need for even more convergence in their datacenter infrastructure to reduce complexity of management and reduce what I like to call “vendor feuding” as well as a long list of benefits that a true Private Cloud can give you. As the leader in the industry I have begun my journey to the future with Nutanix!

Meet the Author

Brandon Scott

Systems Engineer & Blogger


I am a husband, father, technologist (in that order). In my spare time I like to work on my car (08 Subaru WRX STI aka “my other wife”) and go out golfing with friends. In my short career I have accomplished a good deal, from being recognized by IBM for support developing mypuresupport forum to allow a 3rd party user community to collaborate on their Puresystems technology to advancing from a Junior Systems Administrator to a Design Engineer. However, there is ALWAYS more to learn and the hunger for knowledge is why this blog is so important to me. I feel that entropy not only attacks us in a biological sense but also in our knowledge as well. Said differently, if we are not learning we are forgetting. I hope you enjoy the site and gain from the topics and exchanges to come!

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