Month: October 2019

Prism Pro X-Play (Codeless datacenter automation)

In this blog post I will show a new feature added to the Prism Pro product within the Prism Central management plane called X-Play or “Cross-play”. This enhancement to the Prism Pro feature set is a major step towards an autonomous or “self-driving” datacenter that was discussed in the .Next 2019 keynotes in Anaheim, CA (check …

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Nutanix per VM QoS (IOps/Throughput throttling)

In this post I will discuss a new feature to AOS 5.11  called Storage QoS. Storage QoS is essentially rate limiting a specific virtual machine so that it does not exceed a certain IOPs or Throughput threshold. Now before we dig in and show how Nutanix has implemented QoS and how it can be enabled we …

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