Expanding a Nutanix Cluster

In this post I will walk through how to expand a Nutanix cluster with a new node. As you read through this short blog remember that it is short INTENTIONALLY because this process (as with all other Nutanix processes) is meant to be easy with our 1-click methodology. Think about the steps taken to expand your existing infrastructure? What is the pain involved in getting this done today? How could a few clicks to expand a cluster save you time to focus on family, on improvements in the business etc…?

NOTE:For prerequisite information and additional details on cluster expand please visit my.nutanix.com


In this example we are adding a new node to a Nutanix block, product code NX-3360-G5 (after the expand we will have a NX-3460-G5.

1. First I will go to the Storage view and take a quick look at the Max Capacity of my current Containers for reference.





2. Next go to the Gear Icon at the top-right of your screen and select Expand Cluster.






3. Now we are prompted with the Expand Cluster Wizard. Select the node(s) you wish to add.










4. When we select the node we will be prompted with IPs for the Hypervisor, CVM, and IPMI. We will suggest which IPs make sense but you have the option to modify them if you have others selected. Once filled out, hit Next.










5. Because this node already has the same AOS and AHV version imaged on it I did not have to make any selections on the Hypervisor version.

Example: if this were ESXi I would have the option to image with a different version than is currently installed in the cluster. Let’s say we wanted to create a new ESXi cluster with a newer version but have the total Nutanix cluster span multiple ESXi clusters, this is how we could do that.

Click Next.






6. Now we wait and watch the progress OR go spend some time with the kids. 🙂
































7. DONE! Now we can go back and look at the containers and see that our cluster has been successfully expanded with the new node(s).





As always, please comment below with any questions/comments/concerns.


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